Release Note for Driver App version 1.19.639

Note: The phone date and time should be set to the same date and time as the company.


OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 5.1 or above.  

New Features

Some modifications will be needed in Dispatch Science to give drivers access to some of the new features. This will be indicated in each feature.  

Grouping Orders

Stops, pickup or delivery, will be grouped in this release if orders are for the same Account and have the exact same steps in their workflows, pickup for pickup stops, delivery for delivery stops.

Pickup stops are never grouped if on the pickup workflow a Required ID verification and/or COD are set as steps and those steps are checked.

Delivery stops are never grouped  if on the delivery workflow a Required ID verification and/or COD are set as a steps and those steps are checked.

Pickup Workflow

Please review Pickup Workflow Release Notes for more information on how to set this up in Dispatch Science.
Note: When a pickup workflow has a Required ID verification or COD, the stops will not be grouped. If the workflow is not the same on orders because orders were created at different times and the workflow was changed, the stops will not be grouped.  

Only when the Account and pickup workflow are the same will you see the pickup orders in a group. 

There are different type of tasks that can be added to a Pickup Workflow:

Selection from a drop-down, text entry, barcode scan, selection from a task group, ID Verification, COD and Partial COD collection, Signature.

Once the Report Pickup is swiped, a barcode verification may be requested depending on the setup on the Account. 

The next steps will be part of the Pickup Workflow.

On the workflow, tap on Next in the right upper corner to move to the next screen, tap on <task name in the upper left corner to go back to the previous step, tap on Cancel to cancel the pickup if on the first step, tap on Skip in upper right corner (only available if task is optional) if you want to skip the task, tap on Report on the last screen to complete pickup. 

Step types:

Signature Requirement

Pass the phone to the customer to get the signature.

Once signature is done, tap on Confirm to type in the name of the person and tap OK

ID Verification

Verify the name of the person and tap on the > to view the ID cards available. Tap the correct ID card, you will be returned to ID Verification with the ID card selected then tap Next 

If you select Other, you will be asked to type in the card type. Once the card type is entered, the Next will become enabled.

COD Collection with or without Partial Payment

If partial COD is collected, slide the Partial Payment and enter the amount and slide the Confirm Payment. 

If collecting the entire amount, simply slide Confirm Payment on the COD screen. 

Selection from a list:

Tap on  > to open the list of choices, tap on one item in the list. You will be returned to first screen and the Next will be enabled. 

Free text entry:

Tap on the pencil to open the keyboard and enter the desired text.

Barcode scanning:

Tap on the barcode icon to open the camera and scan the barcode or use the keyboard to enter the barcode information. 

Selection from a task group:

Tap on one of the task. Once the selection is made, the Next will become enabled.

Tap on Next to perform the task. See above for the different types of tasks.