Note: The phone date and time should be set to the same date and time as the company.


iOS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on iOS version 10 or above, Android version 5.1 or above.  

New Features

Some modifications will be required in Dispatch Science to give drivers access to some of the new features. This will be indicated in each feature description below.  

Please review Dispatch Science Release Notes version 1.26 for more information about the Chat feature and how to enable it.

User Interface Changes and New Features

Significant UI changes have been implemented in version 1.25.687 to enhance user workflow and accommodate enhanced chat capabilities.

The bottom navigation screen is now organized into 5 sections:

1) the Home screen is a summary screen that shows the Driver's next stop, his current status, a link to recent notifications, and a summary of his orders where, if allowed by the system administrator, he can view quantity of orders or commission amounts.  

NEW FEATURE: If allowed by the system administrator, the driver can 1-tap ACCEPT or DISMISS all Not Accepted orders:

In the previous version, orders were displayed on a separate tab. Now they appear when the driver taps on the > chevron next to the Orders section. An enhanced order review screen will appear:

Tap on one of the top filters such as to only see orders corresponding to the described status. Tap on the > chevron to the right of any order to see order details.

If permission has been granted by the administrator, the driver can create a new order and/or transfer an order to another driver. He can tap on the sign at the bottom right of the screen. This will launch the following screen:

Select the Transfer Orders icon to transfer orders. The following screen displays a list of orders from which the driver can select the orders to transfer to another driver by tapping on the corresponding checkmarks:

Tap NEXT (top right) to choose a nearby driver or CANCEL to cancel the selection. A driver selection screen will appear:

Select a driver and tap TRANSFER to transfer the order to the selected driver:

A confirmation window will appear. Tap OK to confirm:

The selected driver will receive a notification on his home page's Notification section and will be able to accept or reject the request to accept the selected orders:

The new order will appear on his order list:

An on his run:

2) The My Run screen has not changed. By default it shows all stops. Theicon allows him to restrict the list of deliveries to Today, Tomorrow, All or Custom dates. 

The icon will allow him to scan an item at a specific checkpoint:

The Stop Detail screen that is launched when tapping on a chevron to the right of an order has not changed.

3) the Chat screen launches a live chat session between the driver and the dispatcher. 

Whenever the dispatcher sends a new message to the driver, the Chat icon will change to alert the driver that there's a new message waiting:

Note: The chat icon will only appear if the administrator has authorized the chat function in the Driver's profile. Read HERE to review how to enable the function.

4) The Warehouse screen has not changed. It launches the barcode scanner. 

The icon will allow him to scan an item at a specific checkpoint

The icon turns on the camera's flashlight to enhance readability in poorly lit areas:

All Warehouse features remain unchanged.

5) The Settings screen has not changed. Depending on Administrator settings, the driver may or may not be allowed to edit his Home Address, Vehicle information, and other details.