New Features:
While in disconnected mode, a new Tap to reconnect is now available on the Offline banner if you are not reconnected automatically:

The Offline banner is now also available in the Chat tab.

A New Delivery Workflow step with document is now available if setup on the account profile.

Time Zones are now available in the Driver App and can be setup under Settings:

1) Time Zone can be set automatically, default setting, using the Location on your phone. 

    Tap on Settings and scroll down to Advanced section.  

    Tap on Time Zone (by default showing Automatic) to see your time zone. 

2) To set the Time Zone to a specific Time Zone, turn off Automatic:

This will unlock the Time Zone selection:

Tap on the Time Zone and select the new Time Zone:

A notification is now sent when an order is Cancelled which then refreshes the Home and My Stops screens.
Chat was modified to show the person the chat is addressed to.
Bug Fix:
When opening an order from a notification when Driver App was not open, going back to Home screen kept returning to the order details.
Some archived chat channels were still visible on the Driver App.