Release Note for Driver App version 1.11.545

Note: The phone date and time should be set to the same date and time as the company.


OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 4.1 or above.  

Please note that the minimum version for the Driver App will be change to Android version 5.1 in the next release. Please advise your drivers to upgrade their Android phone.

New Features

ZIP/Postal Code displayed in My Run

The ZIP/Postal code is now displayed on My Run.

Automatic waiting time calculation

Note: Screenshot shows pickup wait time however this applies to delivery wait time as well.

An automatic timer will calculate the time at location and add this time to the wait time. It will also show the included number of minutes. 

When driver is not at the location or if the driver location cannot be located or if the stop is not the next one in the driver list, the wait time will show in red:

When driver enters the inner radius of his/her next stop, as setup in their Driver Profile, the timer will start running. 

Note: If the driver enters the inner radius ahead of time, the timer will show a negative amount of time up to the start of the pickup/delivery. 

Driver can update the time by clicking on the pencil and entering the waiting time then press OK. When this is done, the time is no longer calculating automatically and will not change from the driver entry.

If calculated time or time entered is more than the included time, a note will displayed indicating this:

The time entered will display for pickup in the Pickup Wait Time extra fee and on delivery in the Delivery Wait Time extra fee if those extra fees are selected on the Extra fee schedule for the account otherwise these extra fees will not display.

Note: If the option is set to Require Order Validation on Extra Updated in the Driver Profile, the flag will be added automatically when driver pick up or delivers an order.

View list of attachments not yet uploaded

On the Settings tab, if there are attachments that are not uploaded yet, a list will appear on the Settings tab t


Bug Fixes

Daily total earning for driver is no longer displayed on My Run

Daily earning for driver is displayed if allowed in driver profile.

Using the navigation from the Driver App does not bring to correct address

The navigation app would bring driver to the side or back of building. This was fixed in this release.

Drivers using Android phones were sometimes kicked out of the driver app when taking pictures

This was not happening for all drivers but it should be fixed in this release.