Note: The phone date and time should be set to the same date and time as the company.


iOS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on iOS version 10 or above, Android version 5.1 or above.  

New Features

The following new features have been added to Driver App version 1.31.710.

1) New launch messages have been added to the app:

After installing the app, users will see the following message:

Data Collection

To improve the quality of this app we 

collect anonymous diagnostic data. You

can disable this feature by turning off 

<Send Diagnostic Data> on the Settings



After first login, the following message will appear. It explains the necessity to collect location data. 

Tap TURN ON to turn on location data:

Now tap Allow all the time:

A new welcome screen will appear. Tap LEARN MORE to launch the app's User Guide or X to go directly into the app:

2) Drivers now have access to a map view of their stops. A new MAP icon is now visible in the My Run menu:

Tap on the MAP to see a close-up of your next stop on a map:

Swipe left to see the next stop:

Pinch out to obtain a wider view of the map and see other stops:

3) The option to add attachments has been enhanced. In addition to photos from the device's camera and Image Library, it is now possible to attach PDF documents stored on the device.

In Stop details, tap on the Photos icon:

Tap Documents:

Tap Allow to Allow the app to access photos and media on their device:

Navigate to the location where the desired PDF file is stored and tap on it:

Tap DONE to upload the PDF attachment:

The PDF is now attached to the associated order. The driver can tap on it to see it and it can also be seen as an attachment from the Dispatch Science Core Platform:

3) It is now possible for the driver to make changes to existing orders and notes (when allowed by Admin settings) when offline. The changes will automatically be synched to the Core Platform when the driver returns online. 

4) Chat now supports group chats using channels. These chat channels can be setup to allow either one-way or 2 way communication:

One way group chats only allow drivers to respond privately to group messages by tapping on RESPOND IN PRIVATE:

After typing a private response, it will appear as a separate sub-conversation in the chat channel. Tap the chevron to continue the private chat: