Release Note for Driver App version 1.11.468

OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 4.1 or above.  

Blocked Version

Versions older than 1.11.419 will be blocked. On Driver App startup, if you are on a version older than version 1.11.419, you will get an Update message and will need to upgrade to the latest version in order to use the Drive App:

On Ok, you will be taken to the App Store/Google Play to upgrade to the latest version.

New Version Message

When a new version of the Driver App is released, you will get a message on Driver App startup that a new version is available:

Clicking on Ignore will allow you to use the Driver App with your current version but you will be reminded again at the next startup of the Driver App.

Clicking on Update will bring you to the App store/Google Play to upgrade to the latest version.

Note: This will become available once this version is installed. This feature is not retroactive on older versions.

Messages when Scanning Orders

When an incorrect order is validated through a scan at pickup and delivery, the following message will be displayed:

Incorrect order scanned.

When an order with the a duplicated barcode is scanned in My Run checkpoint, Warehouse, Warehouse checkpoint, the following message will be displayed:

Barcode matches more than one order.

Notifications on Android

On Android, only the last notification was kept in the Notification List. This was changed to give access to all unread notifications.

Bug Fixes

Cannot scan at pickup and delivery when in second radius on Android

The driver was unable to validate an order at pickup and delivery when using the extended validation radius setup in his profile.

Navigation on Android

Driver could not navigate from a notification to the order details page when on Android.