Release Note for Driver App version 1.13.619/1.13.620

Note: The phone date and time should be set to the same date and time as the company.


OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 5.1 or above.  

Please note that the minimum version for the Driver App has changed to Android version 5.1 in this release. Please advise your drivers to upgrade their Android phone.

New Features

The user interface has been modified in this release, a new Home page was added, the MY Run can now be filtered by day, the stop details has changed as well as the order details.

Login Option

At login, you will be able to select the environment you wish to log in to.

1) Toggle the Alternative Environments then select the environment you wish to use. You can then enter your email and password on that environment. To return to the Production environment, simply toggle off the Alternative Environments.

Home Page

When logging in, you will automatically be taken to the new Home page where you will be able to change your status if enabled (On duty, Off duty, Away). You will also see your next stop and the number of orders that are yet to be accepted, that were accepted but not yet picked up, that are picked up but not yet delivered and the ones that were delivered today.

You also have statistics about your delivered orders: delivered on time vs delivered late.

You will also have statistics about your active orders, the one that are not yet delivered: On time, At risk and late.

If you have access, you can also toggle the  to see the order information as earnings rather than number.Note: The earnings on unaccepted orders will always be 0$. To see these earnings, go on Orders page and accept the orders. They will then show in the Accepted box.

To go back to viewing the number of orders, tap on

From Home page, you can tap on the next stop to open the stop details or tap on the navigation icon to open the associated navigation tool with the stop address:

My Run

On My Run, you will be able to filter your list by day or show all orders. Default filter is  All.

Note: The applied filter will only filter the My Run list. It will not filter the Home tab nor the Order list. 

Filter the list of orders by day

1) Notice that beside the filter icon you will see which filter is selected. The filter can be All, Today, Tomorrow, or a custom date.

2) Tap on  and select the filter you wish to apply:

The filter list will close and the order list will refresh to the selection. 

Note: The order list may defer if you select a custom date set to today or the filter Today. Today will not show only the orders that are for today's date but also all other open orders from previous days.

Stop Details

You can now open your stop details from the Home page or My Run. 

The stop details has been reorganized to help you find the information on the order.

You will notice the sliding bar at the bottom of the screen. This  is a shortcut to the Pickup/Deliver/Hold order buttons. No need to scroll all the way down although if you do, you will still have access to the buttons:

Tapping on the bar                        Scrolling down


Each section will be explained with their new features:

You can tap on the navigation tool to open it with the stop address. You can change the navigation tool in Settings.

If you have access to the contact phone, you can tap the phone number to call the contact

If you have access to edit the stop note, you can tap on the pencil to edit it.

Stop Details Header

You can return to My Run using the Navigation < in the header.

The icons showing an ID and COD are required on delivery now show at the top beside the Order Number.

The address with the pickup/delivery window, depending on the stop, will be displayed at the top of the order and right below you have the pickup/delivery window with the navigation icon . Tapping on will open the navigation tool selected in the Driver App Settings.

The contact phone will show if driver profile was setup to give access. Tapping on the contact phone, will open the phone with the specified phone number.

Edit the Stop Note

The option to edit all, append or view only is setup at the driver profile.

1) Tap on the pencil. 

2) If you have Edit all access, you will be able to modify the entire note:

3) If you have Append access, the note will show on a yellow background. This part is locked. You can add to the note by typing under the existing note once you tap on the white space, type the note and tap on Save:

4) If not allowed, no pencil will be displayed beside the stop note.

Internal Note from Dispatcher

If given access and if a note was added, the internal note from the Dispatcher will be displayed below the stop note:

View/Edit the Reference Fields

The references section will be displayed or hidden depending on the Account Options.

A reference can be locked - see PO #. No  showing beside the reference number information.

A reference can be editable - See Reference # and Invoice #. If editable, the reference can be a text field, a drop-down field, a scanned field.  showing beside the reference number information.

Clicking on the pencil of a reference will allow you to edit.


Plain text: Type the information and tap Ok to change, Cancel to cancel the change. 

Drop-Down Field: Select one of the item in the drop-down.

Scanner: Scan the barcode or use the keyboard icon to enter the barcode.

Account Information

If given access, the account name, the account caller with phone number will be displayed with access to call or text the account caller.

The service level will always be displayed. 

If a note was added to the order it will be visible here.

Extra Fees

The extra fee section will show the extra fees visible for the driver with an option to add extra fees if given access to the feature

Can Edit/Add                                        Cannot Edit/Add

To edit an extra fee already on the order, tap on its pencil, enter a new quantity.

You can also remove an extra fee by tapping Remove Fee.

To add an extra fee, tap on Add Extra Fee, select the extra fee to add and enter a quantity and tap OK

Attribute Section

The attribute section will be visible if an attribute is added to the order

Other Info Section

The other info section will display the number of items on the orders as well as the total weight.

Photo Section

Attachments and Photos will show in the Photos section. You can add photos to the order by clicking on the camera icon. For more information see

Wait Time

Depending on the options selected in the driver profile, the wait time may or may not be visible.

If visible, the driver may or may not be able to edit the wait time.

Wait time hidden                                Wait time visible non editable    Wait time visible and editable

If wait time is hidden, driver will simply use the Report Pickup/Report Delivery or Put on Hold on the order.

If wait time is displayed but not editable, driver will see the wait time timer go up once he enters the inner radius setup in his driver profile for the next stop. This information will/will not update the extra fee on the order depending on the options selected in his driver profile.

If wait time is displayed and editable, driver will see the wait time timer go up once he enters the inner radius setup in his driver profile for the next stop. He will be able to edit this time by tapping on the pencil beside the wait time:

In dialog box, driver will be able to enter the wait time and tap Ok. If setup in the driver profile, the wait time entered will then update the extra fee on the order.

Order Details

The order details has been reorganized to be similar to the the stop details. Like the stop details, you have access to the bar shortcut. The shortcut contains the accept/reject order buttons.

Using the shortcut bar                Scrolling down

Camera Authorization

If camera is not authorized when attempting to scan or take a picture, the driver will be asked to authorize.

Bug Fixes

Add Extra Fee disappeared when note was added

The Add Extra Fee disappeared when a note was added. It showed again when refreshing the order details.

Had to navigate multiple times to get out of order details after logging out

When driver logged out 3 times and opened an order from the notification, they would need to navigate 3 times to return to the previous screen.

Arrived at destination Timer on Android

On Android, driver needed to enter the zone for the timer to start and for the arrival notification to be sent. Timer of next stop is started even if driver is already in the zone. Arrival notification is sent even if driver is in the zone.