OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 4.1 or above.  

Using the Koamtac Scanner with the Driver App

The Koamtac scanner was used in previous versions of the Driver App to pickup and delivery orders. In this release, the Koamtac scanner can also be used to scan barcode in the Warehouse module or using the different scans at pickup, delivery or in My Run checkpoints and Warehouse checkpoints.

The Koamtac scanner can be used anywhere you see the scan window and will behave the same as as the phone camera.

It is very important to close the Driver App completely before the Koamtac scanner is paired to the phone. The scanner is only enabled with the Driver App when the Driver App starts. If necessary, unlink the scanner, close the Driver App completely, relink the scanner and start the Driver App.

Pair the Koamtac Scanner

1) Make sure the Driver App is not running. 

2) In Settings, under Bluetooth, ensure the Koamtac scanner is paired. The scanner should be set to Bluetooth Device Type SPP. Please review the Koamtac installation manual to see how this is done. Manuals can be found here: https://www.koamtac.com/downloads/manuals/.

3) Open the Driver App and log in.

Use the Koamtac Scanner at Pickup

1) In My Run, scan a barcode. This will open the order details or you can open the order manually by tapping the order

2) Select Report Pickup. The scan window will open. Start scanning the barcodes for this pickup. The screen will show in green and let you know how many items have been scanned as well as the order information:

When all parcels of the order are scanned, the Driver App will automatically set the order picked up.

Note: If your pickup contains several packages, click on Scan first from the list of orders then start scanning. Once all packages in the grouped orders are scanned, you will automatically be returned to the list of orders with all orders checked. Do a Report Pickup to set all orders to be picked up.

Use the Koamtac Scanner at Delivery

Follow the same steps as Pickup. For grouped orders, one signature will be used for all orders.

Use the Koamtac Scanner to Scan at Checkpoints

A checkpoint can be added on an order from My Run or from the Warehouse module.

1) Open checkpoint (from my Run or Warehouse module by tapping the )

2) Select the checkpoint from the list or if only one checkpoint is available, the Scan will show automatically.

3) In Scan, start scanning barcodes. At the top of the app, you will see the name of the Scanning checkpoint, the number of order with missing parcels , the number of orders with scan completed .

As you are scanning, you will see the order information and the number of parcels scanned in the currently scanned order. 

4) If in My Stop checkpoint, click on Back then Cancel to exit the checkpoint. If in warehouse checkpoint, click on Done to return to the warehouse mode.

Use the Koamtac Scanner to Scan in Warehouse Module

1) Open warehouse module by tapping .

2) In scan window, start scanning the barcodes. The order information will be displayed: