Before you can start using your Datalogic Memor 11 scanner, please follow the below setup procedure. 
The scanner must be setup to emulate a keyboard, scan the data as is, without adding any prefixes and suffixes. 

Setup the Scanner

Note that the below is the settings needed to use the scanner in the Driver App. You can setup any additional features as needed.

1) Open Datalogic Settings .

2) Open Scanner & decoder:

3) Open Formatting:

4) Label prefix and Label suffix should be set as None:

5) Go back to Scanner & decoder and open Scanner Options:

6) Open Scan Mode and select Single:

7) Go back to Scanner & decoder and open Wedge:

8) Enable keyboard wedge should be set to true.

9) Open Keyboard wedge input mode and select Key pressure:

You can then install the Driver App and start using the scanner to scan at pickup, delivery, checkpoint, etc..