It is your main tool to manage your deliveries: you use it to receive and accept orders, review your stops, navigate, follow all the delivery steps required by your clients, and for many other things.

We published this guide to quickly present the capabilities of your Driver App.

Why is the Dispatch Science Driver App so handy?

Informs you in real-time about incoming orders;

All the key information you need is on your Home screen;

The My Run screen contains a list of your daily orders with all the info you need to get the job done;

The stop sequence is optimized to get to each stop on time while letting you to finish your day faster and with less mileage;

All prices and commissions are calculated automatically;

You can take a break and return to your shift several times per day without losing any data;

You can continue working even when your phone is off the grid;

What more can it do when special extra features are enabled?

You can chat online with your dispatcher;

You can transfer orders to nearby drivers;

You can accept tips and cash payments;

You can review your delivery statistics and payouts per day or per order;

You can make changes to existing orders, create your own, or put an order on hold.

Throughout the User Guide, you will see this symbol to alert you that the described feature is an option that your system administrator may turn on or off. It could be unavailable for your use.

There are a few requirements your device must meet:

● Android version 5.1 or higher, or iOS version 10 or higher;

● GPS enabled on your smartphone;

● 3G/4G connection;

● Latest version of the Driver App installed on your smartphone.

We wish you the best with your new delivery tool!