The driver app can be found in the App Store.

Note: Use your Apple ID to sign-in.

1) Open the App Store

2) Tap on "Search"

3) Type "Dispatch Science Driver App" in the search box then Tap "Search"

4) Tap the driver app then Tap on "Get".

You may need to confirm the installation depending on your version of iOS.

5) You can find the app with this icon:

6) On your first login, you will be notified about Data collection. This feature is turned on automatically but can be disabled under the Driver App Settings tab by disabling the Send Diagnostic Data.

Note: If you do have an issue with the app, leaving this enabled will allow us to review error messages.

7) Enter your Email address and password then slide the bar to login

8) You will be asked if Driver should send notification. Tap "Allow".

9) Depending on your iOS version, you may be asked to use the location. Tap on "Allow While Using the App".

10) You will be informed Driver App needs location set as Always:

11) Tap on "Settings"

12) Tap on "Location", Tap on "Always" and enable "Precise Location"

13) Return to Driver App

Note: if you use the camera for scanning or taking pictures, you will be asked to allow its access on first use.

The Driver App is now installed and ready to use on your Apple device.