The driver app can be found in the Play Store.

1) Navigate to the Play Store on your phone

2) In the Play Store, type "Dispatch Science Driver App" next to the magnifying glass, tap the magnifying glass, then tap the Driver app.

3) Tap "Install" then "Open". A popup will appear asking your permission to collect anonymous diagnostic data. Tap "OK".

4) Enter the email and password given to you by your administrator, then use the red slider to confirm your login.

5) After first login, the following message will appear. It explains the necessity to collect location data.

Tap TURN ON to turn on location data:

6) You will be asked to "Allow Driver to access this device's location?" Select "Allow all the time".

7) A welcome message will appear. Tap "X" to close the message and start using the app or "Learn More" to launch the User Guide.

The Driver App is now installed and ready to use on your Android device.