The screens shown are for the Android version of the Driver App. The iOS screens are similar, but contain minor differences.

The Dispatch Science Driver App contains many options that your delivery company may or may not enable on your specific device. This means that your screen may look slightly different from what you will see in this guide. We will present the most common layout, with all options enabled.


Use the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to select the different screens:

Typical Interface - "Home" Screen

The Home screen is the default screen that appears when you launch your Driver App. It provides a summary view of your daily work, including your next stop, if you're on or off duty, a link to recent notifications you may have received, and a summary status of your daily orders.


Typical Interface - "My Run" Screen

The "My Run" screen is your primary tool to review the list of orders that you have accepted. 

Typical Interface - "Chat" Screen

The Driver app offers an optional Chat capability to provide communications between dispatchers and drivers. It is particularly useful for sharing information that is subject to errors, such as sharing addresses or phone numbers.

Typical Interface - "Warehouse" Screen

The warehouse screen is used for work in the warehouse. Typically this would be for scanning parcel barcodes for shipping/receiving. 

Typical Interface - "Settings" Screen

Settings are where your account information resides along with other parameters to help you work with your app.