The release notes refer to different sections of the application:

Back Office: Where Customer Service Representatives (CSR) create and edit orders, create accounts, review drivers, etc.

Dispatch Board: Where Dispatchers assign orders to drivers, get notifications for invalid orders, etc.

Auto-Dispatch: This section refers to the automated order assignment setup and its process.

Administration: This section is in the Back Office but refers to sections only an administrator will use like Settings and Pricing.

Customer Portal: Where account users log in to create orders, view their order history, enter a credit card, etc.

Tracking site: Where customers enter a tracking number like the order ID or a reference number to view the status of their order.

OData: Data fields and variables saved in OData.

Account API: API provided to your accounts to create, update and get orders. For documentation, please follow this link:
Tenant API: API provided to you to create orders for your accounts, retrieve invoices and change invoice status. For documentation, please follow this link:  


Bug Fixes included in this release

  • Credit limit on Create Order was not taking into account any unapplied payments nor unapplied credited amounts.
  • In the Role, the right to view or edit Order Rules was misnamed as section_Settings - Order Rules, this was fixed and is now called Settings - Order Rules.
  • When using Multi-Segment Orders, the system Extra Fees, Scripted Extra Fees depending on Nb of Items and weight as well as the weight were not updated correctly on the Segments when the Multi-segment parcels were updated.
  • HTML Markups that were added to the Notification Content Templates were being removed automatically.
  • On the Dashboard in the Back Office, the total number of Orders included the Segments. This was fixed to only show Multi-segment Orders. Since Multi-segments do not have an ETA, ETAs are assigned at the segments, the Time of delivery will be used to indicate if the Order is late.
  • When clicking on Create Order, if the cursor was in one of the Reference field, the Create would not get done on the first click, a second click was necessary to have the Order created.
  • In some cases, the Dashboard Today's Orders was not aligned properly.
  • When there was a problem with the Route Recurrence entry, the line turned red and you could no longer see the values. 
  • When Allow Text Wrapping is selected in the Dispatch Board Grid configuration, the information was not displayed in the list Views.
  • In some screens, when entering an address using the ZIP code, the city and state were added to the ZIP.
  • When 2 or more segments of the same Multi-segment Order was added to the same Route, there was a problem with the precedence of the Segments.
  • When a driver rejected an Order, an optimization was not called automatically.
  • On Routes setup with fixed stops, it was possible to reorganize segments to be out of order.
  • When modifying an existing Order, the changes were not visible after the save, you had to refresh to see the changes.
  • When a Driver's name or number was changed, the changes were not readily available on the Order list.