The release notes refer to different sections of the application:

Back Office: Where Customer Service Representatives (CSR) create and edit orders, create accounts, review drivers, etc.

Dispatch Board: Where Dispatchers assign orders to drivers, get notifications for invalid orders, etc.

Auto-Dispatch: This section refers to the automated order assignment setup and its process.

Administration: This section is in the Back Office but refers to sections only an administrator will use like Settings and Pricing.

Customer Portal: Where account users log in to create orders, view their order history, enter a credit card, etc.

Tracking site: Where customers enter a tracking number like the order ID or a reference number to view the status of their order.

OData: Data fields and variables saved in OData.

Account API: API provided to your accounts to create, update and get orders. For documentation, please follow this link:
Tenant API: API provided to you to create orders for your accounts, retrieve invoices and change invoice status. For documentation, please follow this link:  


Bug Fixes included in this release

  • History tab was not refreshed automatically when opening, from the original Order, the Return or Continuation Order.
  • When no Driver is assigned to an Order and Order is set to Delivered, Driver could no longer be added to the Order. 
  • Showing Accounting Profile details page when attempting to delete an Accounting Profile.
  • When entering the same zone name in the Route Plan but a different case, there were errors in the background and the page would not update correctly.
  • Driver history was not showing the Order ETA once the workload was available. 
  • Account Pricing and Order Options sections drop-down fields were not sorted alphabetically. 
  • Service Level Day of Operation header did not show unless at least one day was overridden. 
  • On a set of grouped Orders, only one of the Orders would show the Driver arrival. 
  • With Role set to Create credit note and View transactions, the New transactions menu item was not visible.

Bug Fixes included in Driver App Version 1.60

  • End of Day was not displayed after Driver logged out and logged back in. The Home tab had to be manually refreshed to see the End of Day.