Specify the Optimization Mode for Routes

A driver’s stop list can now have its type of optimization specified by the dispatcher, and not merely recalculate the ETAs of the associated orders upon reoptimization. This new feature allows for the possibility to insert an order between two existing orders on the driver’s stop list.

It was previously possible to reoptimize the route once it had been dispatched, however, the user must absolutely manually optimize the route on the driver to avoid breaking the optimization. In order to not interfere with this option, we also have released the feature where a warning is issued when an optimization is done on a route that has already been dispatched to a driver. 

Dispatchers now also have the possibility of inserting an order between 2 others and having these orders reoptimized without taking precedence into account. This means that, where before, a third order would have been added to the stop list but could not be treated ahead of the two existing orders, it can now be reoptimized to be treated first instead of third, if this is the optimal route.

To accommodate this new feature, a new section in the route plan has been configured with radio buttons, allowing for optimization mode once the route is dispatched: 

A) Only allow ETA calculation update: Keep entire route as locked stops

B ) Allow inserting orders but keeping priorities of existing orders: Keep relative (i.e. not immediate) priorities of stops in the ML route

C) allow full order re-optimization: skip route optimization