If available on your Portal, the Import Tool is what you need when you have to input a large quantity of orders at once. Please contact your shipper for detailed instruction on how to use this tool.

In summary: 

1) Click the Import tool:

2) If available, fetch an existing Import file by clicking on Download and selecting Import File:

The. CSV import file will download to your computer. 

3) Open the file in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel:

4) Remove the old data and replace it with the new order data you want to import. DO NOT change the column header names or the order of the columns.

5) Save the data in CSV format

6) Return to your Portal and click the Import File button:

7) Click on Choose File to upload the CSV file you just saved and click Import:

Your bulk list of order has now been sent to your carrier and your order list will automatically be populated with this new set of orders.