We've worked hard to make sure it's as quick and easy as possible for you to book an order. 

To start the process, either click on the  button in the middle of your dashboard or click on the New Order Button at the top right of the screen:

Hint: You will also find the blue New Order button in the My Orders section of your portal. Another way to quickly start creating an order is to click on the chevron next to an order in your My Orders table and selecting from the list of available options:

Either way will launch the Order-Entry screen which is divided into 5 sections, plus yet another New Order button:


1) Pickup address 

The pickup address is usually pre-filled with your business address. If you need to change it, click on Edit at the top right of the section.

Fill out all the required items (Contact name, Email, Phone Number.....) and click the green CONTINUE button to move on to the next section of the order.

2) Delivery address

We've taken steps to make it as fast and easy as possible to complete this section:

2.1) Start typing a name in the Contact name section. After typing the 3rd letter, our Auto Complete feature will kick-in and if the name you are looking for is in your contact list (Hint: see managing your contacts section for details), it will appear in a dropdown. Select the contact you are looking for and the rest of the Delivery Address section will automatically be populated with the information from your address book. Click the green CONTINUE button to move on the the next section.

2.2) If the delivery contact is not in your address book, just type it in, along with his/her Email address and Phone Number. 

2.3) Start typing an address in the Address Line 1 section. After typing the 3rd letter, our Auto Complete feature again will kick-in and address suggestions will start appearing in the dropdown. The more you type, the fewer the options will be displayed in the dropdown. Select the address you are looking for in the History or Suggestions sections and the Address will automatically be populated. 

To finish, add any information needed in Address Line 2, add Company name, expected Unload Time and Notes. Click the green CONTINUE button to move on the the next section.

3) Items

This is where you describe the type and quantity of items you intend to ship.

Since many customers have unique requirements with regards to the typical kinds of parcels they ship (from envelopes to skids), this section is likely to contain different information on your screen to what is displayed in this guide. The general behavior will remain the same:

Click the + Sign to add more units of a same parcel type. A dialog box will appear where you can type the quantity of identical items you are including in the order. Click on Add to confirm:

Click on +Add Item to add a different kind of item to the order:

Click the item itself to view the dropdown of accepted item types you can add and select the one you need:

Input the weight and an optional description for each item, and click CONTINUE to move on to the next section.

4) Shipping Details

The contents of this section varies from one customer to another and depends on the contractual agreement you have with your carrier. Please contact your carrier to obtain more information about the options available to you.

Generally speaking, you may see up to 5 different tabs:

4.1) Summary tab

This is where you might see a price estimate on the basis of the pick-up and delivery addresses and items listed. You may also be able to choose a service level and vehicle type for your delivery, and add additional pricing items:

4.2) Additional Info tab

Here is where you may be asked to add additional information such as a PO Number as seen below:

4.3) Items tab

This is the tab that allows you to add details about the items in your order. Click on Edit to add or modify the information about each item in the order. Click on the pencil icon to modify the item or the trashcan to remove the item:

4.4) Attributes tab

If available, this tab will allow you to ask your carrier to apply specific attributes to your order:

4.5) Notifications tab

If available, the Notifications tab will allow you to specify what notifications are to be sent and to whom. Click on Edit to change the default notifications for that order:

Then click on the pencil icon next to the contact for whom you want to change the notifications settings:

Add checkmarks to the types of notifications you want the system to send and click APPLY, then Save to save your notifications settings for this order:

Hint: you can also add more notifications recipients by clicking on + Add recipient at the bottom of the screen and following instructions.

5) Notes & ready at dates and time, and pickup/delivery windows

In this section, you will be able to add special notes for your carrier and driver, determine the expected date and time the order is expected to be ready (default is Now), and establish the pick-up and delivery windows for your order. Depending on the service level you selected in section 4, you may have restrictions to your available pick-up and delivery windows. 

Use the calendar and clock icons to fine-tune the information:

Click CREATE ORDER to finalize your booking.

Hint: Here's a handy tool if you need to create a barcode or a printable Order Details form for an order you just created. Simply open an order and click on the Export dropdown:
When you select Barcode Label, a ready-to-print barcode label will automatically be created using the Order ID as information for barcode generation: