Order templates are a convenient way to dramatically increase your order-entry productivity. 

An order template is essentially an order were all the information needed to book it is pre-filled, but you just have not yet clicked on the final CREATE ORDER button. This means that all you may need to do is apply minor adjustments and click on CREATE ORDER to get the job done.

There are four parts to Template management: Creating them, using them, updating them, and searching for them.


To create an order template, simply fill in all the information you need to create a new order, but instead of clicking on the green CREATE ORDER button, click on the chevron to its right. Two self-explanatory options will appear: Create Order and Template, and Only Create Template.

In either case, a popup will appear. If they are in the system, the Template name will be pre-populated with the pick-up and delivery company names:

If no company name was input in the address fields, the current date will replace the company name. Click Create. Depending on the selected option, the order and template will both be created, or just the template will be created.


To use an existing Order Template, simply click on the chevron to the right of a New Order button, then select New Order From Template:

A popup will appear with a list of previously used templates and a search box to find other available templates. Either click on a template in the dropdown or start typing the name of a template to trigger the auto-complete feature and find the target template:

Click Confirm to confirm your choice:

A pre-populated order form will appear. Simply apply any needed change to the order to finish your booking and click on CREATE ORDER.


Updating an order template is simply a matter of clicking on the chevron next to an order that was created using a template and selecting either Create Order and Update Template, or Only Update Template:


To review all available Order Templates, simply go to My Orders > Templates:

You can click on the funnels to filter through your list of order templates. Click on any one of them to start a pre-filled new order.