The Dispatch Science Delivery App is here to make it easy to book and track your orders on your mobile device


We published this guide to quickly present the capabilities of your Delivery App.


Why is the Dispatch Science Delivery App so handy?* 

Because you can do all this from the convenience of your smartphone:

  • Book your pick-up and delivery addresses in seconds with Auto-Complete and address verification
  • Select the type and quantity of items you want to deliver as well as service level and vehicle type
  • Add extra delivery notes
  • Schedule pickup and delivery times
  • Get price quotes ahead of confirming your booking
  • Review current and scheduled order details
  • Verify your pickup and delivery addresses on a map
  • Track your orders and receive notifications


There are a few requirements your device must meet:

  • Android version 5.1 or higher, or iOS version 10 or higher;
  • GPS enabled on your smartphone;
  • 3G/4G connection;
  • Latest version of the Delivery App installed on your smartphone.


We wish you the best with your new Delivery tool!

*Some features may be disabled by your shipper