You have configured your Driver App and followed the steps needed to start your shift. You're now ready to start delivering!

Accepting/Rejecting Orders

This option must be enabled by your administrator.

You can review all orders that have been assigned to you.

1) Go to your Home screen and tap on the chevronto the right side of the "My Orders" section:

At the top of the screen, you will see a series of filters:

2) Swipe left to see all filter options and tap on any one of them to see details. To accept new orders, tap on "Not Accepted" and a current list of not accepted orders will appear:

3) Tap "ACCEPT" or "DISMISS" individual orders. Tap the chevron next to any order if you want to see its details.

4) Tap the "+" sign at the bottom right of the screen for more options:

More details about advanced options for accepting and transferring orders can be found HERE.

Completing a Daily Run

Follow these steps to review your daily run:

1) Tap "My Run" on the menu bar:

2) If you see "Today" under your run, you don't need to apply any filter. If you see anything else, tap the downward facing chevron on the top right:

3) Tap on 'Today' from the menu. Tap on any other filter options if you wish to review information about your deliveries on other dates:

4) Tap on the flag icon at the top right to check what checkpoint stops you may be encountering in the course of your deliveries.

5) Tap "CANCEL" to return to your run.

You delivery run stops have already been optimized by Dispatch Science so you don't need to re-order your pick-ups and deliveries.

6) Tap on the chevron to the right of your first order to review it. Swipe up to see hidden information. Below is a sample showing the entire screen without having to scroll:

Tapping on items in BLUE will allow you to obtain more details about the stop, communicate with external parties, or perform certain mandatory or optional actions.

Launches turn-by-turn directions to the stop in Maps, Google Maps or Waze

Launches your phone so you can one-tap call a contact person at the stop

Allows you to edit your pick-up and delivery workflow actions.

Allows you to phone or text the company that booked the order

Allows you to add extra fees associated with the stop (ex: dolly required, stairs, pallet jack...)

Provides details about the items at the stop and may allow you to edit the order if there were more items to pickup than expected.

Tapping on the Photo icon in the Photos section will allow you to either take a photo, upload one from your device, or upload any PDF document currently on your device:

The "Delivery Info" section is where you take your last steps to complete this stop.

Here you can:

7) Adjust the amount of "Time" spent on location

8) "Put on Hold" the order if there's a problem. This will alert dispatch that there's an issue with the order

9) "Report Delivery" of the order. Note that if any mandatory step associated with the stop has not been taken, a warning will appear and you may be asked to complete it for the pick-up or delivery to be accepted.

Sometimes you may have to perform multiple pickups or deliveries at the same time and location. The process is essentially the same, but you will have to take an additional step:

For multiple orders that required barcode scanning, first select each order and perform the same steps as above for each one to complete all steps for your multi-order stop:

If there is no requirement to scan a barcode, you will have the option to select all the orders in a group at once by tapping Select All:

Congratulations! You have now completed your first pick-up or delivery of the day!

Simply repeat these steps on all following deliveries found in 'My Run' to complete your work.