Before you start using your Driver App, it's a good idea to verify that your personal information is up to date and accurate. 


1) Navigate to the Settings section of your app by tapping on "Settings" on the right side of your navigation bar. Your personal information and information about your vehicle will appear:

2) Verify the information on the screen and contact your administrator if there are any errors or omissions.


You may be able to update your information directly if allowed by your administrator. For instance, to edit your Home Address, tap the pencil icon next to "Home Address".


Select the navigation application you want to use for turn-by-turn directions. On Android, you may select either Google Maps or Waze. On iPhone, you may select either Maps or Waze. 


3) Swipe down until the "Advanced" options are displayed. Tap on the displayed navigation app name to show available options and select the one you wish to use:


 4) We recommend that you keep it enabled, however you may choose to turn off the "Send Diagnostic Data" feature by tapping on the green toggle icon. Should you require technical assistance, ensure the "Send Diagnostic Data" is enabled.