The Tracking page and the Dispatch Board use the computer time zone to display the order information: Pickup, Delivery window, order history. If you see the information incorrectly, the time zone on your computer/tablet/phone is set in a different time zone than the time zone associated to the order.


To change the time zone in Windows 10, click on the Start Button to open the Start Menu.

Open Settings then Time & Language

On the left pane, select Date & Time. 

To set the time and time zone automatically, in the right pane, toggle the slider buttons to the On position:

To set the time zone manually, in the right pane the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are set to Off position and you can select the Time zone yourself and enter the date and time manually as well. Select the time zone and click on Change to change the date and time. You can also set the adjustment to daylight saving time automatically or not.


On the MAC, click on the Apple menu on top left of screen and select System Preference.

In System Preference, select Date & Time:

To change the time zone, click on the Time Zone tab and verify which time zone is selected. You can set to have the time zone set automatically using your location or you can set the time zone manually.

In both cases, you will need to first unlock to make the change by clicking on the lock and entering your password.

Once done, click on the Date & Time tab. 

You can select to have the time set automatically or you can set the date and time manually

Close the window when you are done. 

You can now refresh your order screen to see the time of the orders/history in your current time zone.