OS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 4.1 or above.  

Driver App

Warehouse mode

Warehouse worker or Driver with access to the warehouse mode will have access to the warehouse tab on the Driver App. The warehouse mode allows user to scan a barcode associated to an order to display route and order basic information.

Using the Warehouse mode

1) Click on Warehouse on the Driver App.

2) In warehouse mode, scan a barcode or click on the keyboard icon and type the barcode. Driver route sequence and basic order information will be displayed.

Projected Earning

The projected earning for an order shows on the stop details

Pickup and Delivery in extended radius

When driver picks up or delivers an order, the driver's geolocation is compared to the pickup/delivery address geolocation. If the distance is within the defined geofence, the driver will be able to pickup/deliver the order. If the driver is outside the geofence, he gets a message to contact his dispatcher. 

In some cases, when the address encompasses a larger area, the geolocation may be too small to allow the driver to do the pickup/delivery even if the driver is at the correct address.

If the distance of the driver to the pickup/delivery geolocation is larger than the validation radius but is within the new extended radius, the driver will get a warning but will still be able to pickup/deliver the order without having to call the dispatcher.