IOS/Android version minimum requirement

The Driver App can be installed on IOS version 10 or above, Android version 4.1 or above.  

Driver App

Phone number displayed in settings will be setup to call your office

On Login, you will now be able to select if the Driver App should be used to connect to your Dispatch Science Test or Production sites.

Only set the toggle to ON if you are testing the Driver App and want to create your orders on your test site.

Note: You may not have the same list of drivers on both sites. If you cannot login on your test site, it may be that the driver email/pw combination does not exist on your test site. Please consult your administrator if this is the case.

To make it easy for you to see, at a glance, if you are logged in on Test or Production, the Driver App color will change.

In Production, the bar at the top of the app will be blue:

In Test, the bar at the top of the app will be gray:

Phone number displayed in settings will be setup to call your office

Your phone number is now displayed in the driver app to facilitate the communication between your drivers and your dispatcher. 

Call Dispatch office

Navigate to Settings.

Click on phone and select Call.

Extra fee visibility on the Driver App

If an extra fee is set to view in the Extra Fees Schedule associated to the order account and an extra that is set to view has been added to the order, an extra fee section will be displayed in the Driver App below the service level section. The Extra Fees section will display the extra fee name and the quantity added. 

Ability for driver to add extra fees to an order on the Driver App

Drivers, whose profile is set to enable the addition of extra fees, will have the ability to add extra fees setup as View and Add in the order's account extra fee schedule.

Extra fees can be added at pickup and at delivery.

Add an extra fee

1) Open a stop on the Driver App

2) If no driver visible extra fee has been added to the order, driver will see section: Extra Fees and a Add Extra Fee link.

3) Driver clicks on the Add Extra Fee link to see the list of available extra fees.
4) Driver selects the extra fee, clicks in the quantity field, this opens the keyboard, types the quantity and clicks OK.  If driver selected the incorrect extra fee, he can go back to the Extra Fees list by clicking on the <Extra Fees. If driver selected to add an extra fee by error, he can cancel the addition by clicking on Cancel.

5) Once extra fee is Ok, driver returns to stop details and see the extra fee that was added. 

6) To add extras on the same extra fee, click on the  to go back to the extra fee quantity.

7) Extra fees that are only visible and cannot be added will show as .

Remove an extra fee

1) Open a stop on the Driver App

2) The extra fees that can be edited are shown with a .

3) Click on the extra fee, select to Remove Fee link if extra fee should be removed from the order and extra fee window closes and you are returned to the stop detail. 

Screen order modification on the Driver App

To get a better flow on the Driver App when delivering an order, the optional delivery screens order has changed to the following:

1) Optional verification scan

2) Optional ID verification

3) Optional COD with optional partial COD

4) Tip screen

5) Signature screen

Ability for consignee to add a tip to an order on the Driver App

A tip can be added by the consignee before they sign off for an order if the system defined tip extra fee is checked in the Extra schedule associated to the order account.

Once driver does the optional verification scan, does the optional ID verification, gets the optional COD on an order, the tip window will be displayed.

At that point, driver passes phone to consignee who can add a tip to the order (No Tip, 15%, 20%, 25% or Custom)

On tip selection (No Tip, 15%, 20%, 25%), consignee will be taken to the signature screen where he/she will see the tip amount and be able to sign and type his/her name.

If Custom is selected, consignee will be able to type in a custom tip amount. On OK, consignee will be taken to the signature screen.

In IPhone, enter the tip then tap OK

On Android, first select the numeric keyboard, type your tip and tap Done.

The tip will then be added as an extra fee on the order.

Note: The tip window will only be displayed if the extra fee tip has been selected on the Extra fee schedule for the account order.