The Orders table is a powerful tool to help you review, sort and organize all your orders. Here are a few ways you can organize your table.

Hint: once you've set up your table, Dispatch Science automatically remembers your preferences so you don't have to worry about saving them at a later date.

1) Sort a column with increasing or decreasing values

Simply click on any column header to sort it by increasing or decreasing values, dates or letters. The little arrow will indicate the direction of sortation:

You can apply this kind of sortation with any column

2) Apply filters to one or many columns

Click on the funnel symbol next to a column name to launch its associated filter. These filters are "smart" in that they will differ according to the type of data associated with the column.

For instance, if you click on the Status funnel you will be offered a choice of statuses to pick from:

However, if you click on the funnel for a column containing dates, the filtering options will offer before and after options:

Furthermore, some columns will also include "and" and "or" search functions:

Hint: Once you have applied your first filter, a Clear All Filters button will appear near the top of the page:

Use it to revert back to your default table layout.

3) Add or remove columns

To add or remove columns, click on the gear box, then hover over Columns to display the available columns, and check/uncheck those you want to display or hide:

4) Sort columns 

To sort your columns in a different order, click and hold on a column header, and drag it between two other columns. You will see two little chevrons that indicate the new location for your column:

5) Find a specific order

Use the search field to find a specific order. First choose a timeframe for your search, type the order ID #, Reference... then click on the magnifying glass to find your order: