Finding Orders

There are three basic ways to find an existing order in the system.

1) Swipe up to scroll the list of orders until you find the one you are looking for. This is probably the least efficient method, but it can be a quick way to find more recent ones:

2) Tap on the magnifying glass to search for orders by name. You can type an order number, or address information. Auto-Complete will be your friend in filtering down to the specific order(s) you are looking for:

3) Tap on the funnel to filter order by category. Tap on the Status and Time for which you want to obtain results. You can multi-select Status categories:

Tap OK to confirm your choice of filters:

Tap on any order to review it detail.

Reviewing and Tracking Orders

Once you tap on an order, it's details will appear:

Available information:

1) The order number will be displayed at the top of the screen

2 The map will display the pick-up (upwards facing arrow) and delivery (downward facing arrow) locations

3) The Service level and price are displayed below the map

4) Pick-up and delivery addresses are displayed next

5) The rest of the screen shows the tracking status of the order. Items in Green are completed with date and time stamps. Items in Grey are yet to be completed. Cancelled and On Hold orders will display the word Cancelled or On Hold in red along with the time and date of the Cancellation/Hold.

You can obtain further details about the order such as pick-up and delivery contact names, item descriptions, delivery options and delivery notes by tapping on the chevron next to the Pick-up and Delivery addresses:

Tap on the left-facing arrow to return to the previous screen: