Booking new orders is a simple process in the Dispatch Science Delivery App. Simply follow these steps to complete a new order:

1) Tap + CREATE ORDER on your order screen:

2) A step-by-step order-entry screen will appear. A proposed pick-up address associated with your account will already be displayed. If this is the correct address, you can move on selecting the delivery address. If you want to change it, tap on the address :

Detailed Pickup information will appear. Input the correct information and tap OK to confirm the new Pickup address and contact information:

3) Next, tap on Select Delivery Address. A search panel will appear inviting your to type a Contact name, Company or Address. If any information is associated with a known contact in the system, it will appear at the top of the search list:

Tap on the address/contact you want to use and it will auto-complete in Delivery informtion screen. Tap OK to add the delivery address to the order sequence:

4) Now tap on Select Items:

Note that if pricing is only distance based and independant of the number of shipped items, pricing will already be displayed on the screen.

Complete the required information and tap OK to complete:

5) Tap Select Delivery Options:

Complete the required information.

If the order will only be ready for pickup at a later date or time, tap on the toggle to the right of Ready for pickup and input the correct date and time:

Do the same for the other delivery options (Service Level and Vehicle type).

Tap OK to complete.

6) Optionally, tap Add Note for the Driver and then tap PLACE ORDER to place your order:

And you're done!

You will be returned to the Order list, and the order you just placed will be at the top.