So you've installed your Dispatch Science Driver App, logged in, configured the app, and verified all your information is correct. Congratulations! You're ready to hit the road!

Depending on your company's configuration, you may or may not be allowed to use certain features such as accept or dismiss orders. The following will assume all settings are set as "allowed".

Before launching your driver app, check out the driver app icon for new chat messages or notifications. They are enabled by default when you install the app. The number of new messages will be displayed on the top right of your app icon:

Next launch the app. If it's your first time using the app or if you've just installed a new release, you may be asked to login.

Before you hit the road, tap on the "Home" menu of your Driver app.

Status Management

The first thing to check is 'Your Status':

If you're ready to go, make sure the default "On Duty" status is displayed. This informs the dispatch team and the Dispatch Science system that you are ready to receive orders and deliver them.

Otherwise, if you're still having your morning coffee, set your status to "Off Duty" or "Away".

Maintaining your status up-to-date is super-important. It's the only way you'll keep receiving orders.

The Driver App will adjust based on your current status.

If you are "On Duty" and want to change your status to "Off Duty" or "Away":

1) Tap on the pencil icon at the right of "Your Status". This will launch a new screen:

2) Either tap on "Cancel" to return to the Home screen, "Away" if you're not working and will be returning to work shortly, or "Off duty" if you've finished your day and don't plan on returning to work.

3) If you tapped on "Away", you'll be asked when you plan to return:

4) Tap on the time when you plan on returning to work. You will be returned to your Home screen. Your "Away" status will be displayed along with the time you are expecting to return:

5) If you tapped on "Off Duty", the app assumes you've finished for the day and you will be directly returned to the Home screen and your Off Duty status will be displayed with no expected time of return to work:

6) If you were "Off Duty" and are returning to work, tap on the pencil icon. A screen will appear asking you when you plan to finish your day.

Follow the same instrusctions as step 3. Your status will be updated to "On Duty" and will now include the time you plan on ending your work day.

Checking Notifications

Notifications will appear on your Home screen whenever the option to allow another driver to transfer an order to you is enabled and you receive such a request.

Accepting/Rejecting Orders

The option to accept/reject orders may not be available to you. The following assumes it is available.

When you start your day and if the option is enabled, you may have the option to accept or reject orders that have been dispatched to you.

To one-click accept or dismiss all proposed orders:

1) On your Home screen, tap on "ACCEPT" to accept all assigned orders or "DISMISS" to reject all assigned orders.

The Total number of "Not Accepted" or "Accepted" orders will automatically be updated on your Home page and, if accepted, the new orders will be automatically sequenced for most efficient delivery, and added to the stop list on your "My Run" screen.

For detailed management of Orders, tap on the chevron to the right of "Orders". A detailed screen of all your orders will appear. Go to Manage your Deliveries to review details on how to manage your orders.

If the feature is enabled, you will also be able to review your order quantities or commission dollars by tapping on the blue "123/$" toggle.

You are now ready to start your run!