Data can be extracted from Dispatch Science using the Open Data Protocol (OData). OData is a data access protocol built on core protocols like HTTP and other accepted methodologies like REST for the web. Diverse tools use OData to extract the needed information to easily create reports like Microsoft Excel.

This article will guide you on how to use MS Excel version 2016 or 365 and MS Power Query with OData to extract Dispatch Science information.

Here are the different sets of data you can extract:

Instruction to connect

1) Open new Excel Book

2)From Data menu, click on Get Data, From Other sources, From OData Feed

3) Select BASIC, the following will open

4) Type in your URL:

For instance, if you are trying to get to your Test site:

If you are trying to get to your Production site:

For example if my site URL is:

For Production site, Odata URL would be:

For test the URL would be:

5) Click OK

6) Select Basic access

7) In this window, enter your Dispatch Science login and Password:

8) Click Connect

9) In the list, select the data you wish to use:

You now have the following tables available:

10) Click on Load