The Support Portal Home allows you to search and view the different articles on Dispatch Science. These include FAQ, Release notes, Bug fixes, etc.

You can also create tickets and view the status of previously entered tickets.

Quick Search

On the Home tab, you can enter a search criteria to find specific articles. While you type, the list will show the articles matching your criteria. You can then click on an article to open it.

Open an article

You can also open any article by clicking on its name. 

You can print an article by clicking on the Print and view related articles by clicking an article title on the left.

To navigate to the previous folder, you can click on the folder link at the top of the article - Orders, Support. 

If you wan to go back to Home, simply click on Home. If you want to view your tickets, click on Tickets.

From any article, you can also create a support ticket by clicking New Support Ticket.