Create a Support Ticket by email

Tickets can be created without having to login to the Support Portal, you simply need to send an email to

The ticket will be created for you in the Support Portal and you will receive an acknowledgment with the support ticket id as well as a link to the ticket. Using this link, you can easily review the status of your ticket.

Create a Support Ticket from the Support Portal 

Login to the Support Portal.

On Home, on Solutions, on Tickets, simply click on the New Support Ticket link. This will open a ticket submission form.

Your email will already be entered in Requester. 

Enter a Subject, select a Priority, select a severity.

In Description, explain your problem and how it happened. If possible, enter the steps to reproduce the issue.

If possible, enter a screenshot of the problem or a recording in Attach a file.

Submit your ticket.

An email will be sent with the ticket ID and link. Using this link, you can easily review the status of your ticket. 

Note: A well documented problem will bypass the need of an agent contacting you to get more information and will result in the problem being addressed in a timely manner.

Ticket update

When a support agent reviews your ticket, you will be notified by email.

You can always use the link received by email to view the status of your ticket.

If you need to add more information to your ticket, you can respond to the email sent with your ticket Id. The response will be added to your ticket and the support agent will be advised.

You can also login to the Support Portal, navigate to Tickets and open the ticket you wish to update.

In the ticket detail, you will be able to view the agent working on your ticket, the status and you will be able to update its priority and/or severity. Once you update a field, make sure to click on Update to save your changes.

If you wish to add additional information to your ticket, you can click on , this will open a text box at the bottom of the ticket responses. Add the information needed, attach a file if needed and click on Reply.

Closing a ticket

You can close the ticket at any time by clicking on .

Adding people on a ticket

You can add people to a ticket by clicking on . When questions/responses are sent by the support agent, everyone on the ticket will receive an email.