Scanning with the Light

When scanning a document on Android, there was no option to turn on the flash if it was too dark.

You can now turn on the camera flash before pressing the button to start scanning:

Number of Orders Scanned in a License Plate

The number of Orders scanned in the License Plate will show on the License Plate information bar.

Bug Fixes

- When a user logs in on the Driver App, only Scanning and Settings tabs are available. User is automatically on the Scanning tab but the Home tab header was displayed. This is now fixed and will show the Scanning header.

- On IOS, the first stop of My Run was partly cut off by the filter.

- On Checkpoint, when using first the damaged icon and scanning items, the damaged would stay turned on without the knowledge of the driver and all items would be set as damaged. This only happened when the first item was set as damaged.