New Features:

Support for Koamtac Scanner KDC270 and KDC280

You can connect, through Bluetooth, a Koamtac scanner KDC270 and KDC280 and scan the items on the scanner directly. When scan is completed, items are transferred to the Driver App.

Support for Exception Codes

The Driver App allows adding exception codes, when setup in Dispatch Science, on items and orders at checkpoint, pickup, delivery and stop details. Exception codes are also used when setting an order On Hold

The damaged icon has been changed with an exception code icon when exception codes are setup in Dispatch Science. 

New Confirmation Message when Item with same Barcode is Scanned

A confirmation message is now displayed when an item with the same barcode is scanned as one already scanned. Driver can then decide to add this item with the same barcode as a new item or just bypass it.

Ability to Add Multiple Items to the Same Order

If setup in Dispatch Science on the Add Item Workflow, driver will be able to scan multiple barcodes using the same workflow steps as the ones already done. This feature is available at checkpoints, pickups, delivery and on the stop details when items are added.

The filter in My Run, once set, is saved

In My Run, selection of the filter is now saved

Orders with no items can be marked as picked up and delivered 

Orders with no items that are part of a group can be picked up and delivered by opening Items and checking the order that has no barcodes.

Bug Fixes:

When adding a new item, only orders that are open will be available