Prevent Multiple Logins on Different Devices

In this version, concurrent logins by the same driver from different devices using the same credentials will be prohibited.

The last login will take precedence with the previous user user receiving a message on the Driver App letting them know that they are disconnected:

Clicking Ok will return the user to the Login page.

Creating Orders with Contact with Geofence

Orders can be manually created by a driver using the Create Manual Order. When selecting the Delivery Contact from the list, if the contact is associated with a geofence, the geofence will automatically be added to the Order.

Scanning On Orders

In the Account, in Order Options, if the validation is set and the option Skip Grouped Orders With No Items Scanned is checked, a new message will now show when Driver attempts to close the stop while no items are scanned on an order:

TAP Ok if you want to continue or Cancel to return to the scan.

When scanning an Order with only one Item, in previous version, this was not considered a partial order since nothing was scanned. It is now considered partial and Driver will be asked if they want to Report as partial:

Tap No to return and scan the missing item or tap Yes to continue. If you tap Yes, the Order's stop will be closed and the item will be marked as Missing.

Bug Fixes

- When Driver created new Orders and selected a contact linked to a geofence, the geofence was not included.

- When editing a license plate that already exist and scanning the Yes instead of selecting, an error was displayed.

- In Dark Mode, the widget did not show all information. Some of the writing was invisible.

- If Login request timed out while logging in, the Driver App was set as offline which caused problems on the next login. The Driver App will not go to offline mode unless the Driver is logged in.