New Features

Icon Change on Create Order

The icons to create Orders when tapping + in the Order List from the Driver App are changed to be 2 distincts icons:

Signature Workflow Step Improvement

The signature page can now be used portrait or landscape. The Clear and Confirm button are well delimited to be easily able to tap one or the other.


Automatic Offline Mode

In a weak cell network area, when the Driver App will attempt to send a stop completion to Dispatch Science, if the call fails to be processed, this can take 30-40 seconds, the Driver App will turn itself to Offline mode and the stop will be saved to be sent when the Driver reconnects in a better cell network area.

When going offline, the following will be visible in the Home tab as well as My Run and some features will not be available:

To reconnect, simply tab on the gray bar. If the network is still weak, you will receive the following message:

If the network is good, you will be reconnected and the stops done while offline will be uploaded. A Syncing message will appear.

The Driver App will automatically reconnect when connected to WIFI.

If Driver has not reconnected in 8 hours, the following will be displayed to remind the Driver to reconnect.

Bug Fixes

  • While scanning at pickup or delivery and scanning a barcode that was not on an order, if configuration allows, the driver can add the additional barcode to an Order using the Add Item Workflow. When Driver cancelled the Workflow, the Item addition was cancelled but the Driver was returned to the Stop Details rather than in the Scanning screen.
  • When resuming a workflow with a signature step, when trying to clear the signature, the button did not work as intended and the previous signature was not removed even if it was no longer visible and the Confirm button would not be disabled.
  • If an end of work was setup in the Back Office and the Driver was switching from Off Duty to On Duty, the end of work was not displayed until the page was refreshed.
  • When an offline stop was unable to synchronize after 2 retries, the task remained in the Driver App, preventing the Driver from logging out. This was fixed, the task is deleted and a log is sent to the Back Office and can be seen in the Log Information under Settings, System, Application Logs.