New Features

Option to Setup Using Position or Address when using a Navigation App

A new option was added when selecting the Navigation App under Settings. This option will allow you to decide if you want to use the stop position or address to get the route on the selected Navigation App.

When selecting Address, only the address will be used by the Navigation App to provide directions. When selecting Position, the position will be used to provide directions however, if the Navigation App also allows address, the address will also be displayed for information purposes only.

1) Tap on Settings in the bottom menu bar on the Driver App.

2) In Settings, scroll down and tap, in Advanced section, the Open navigation with.

3) Select the Navigation App then select the Navigation Option.

4) Return to Settings by tapping on the back arrow

Automatic Offline Mode

In a weak cell network area, when the Driver App will attempt to send a stop completion to Dispatch Science, if the call fails to be processed, this can take 30-40 seconds, the Driver App will turn itself to Offline mode and the stop will be saved to be sent when the Driver reconnects in a better cell network area. 

When going offline, the following will be visible in the Home tab as well as My Run and some features will not be available:

To reconnect, simply tab on the gray bar. If the network is still weak, you will receive the following message:

If the network is good, you will be reconnected and and the stops done while offline will be uploaded. A Synching 

The Driver App will automatically reconnect when connected to WIFI.


- Fixes on Driver App crash.

- When a Driver is in a low reception zone, the Driver App will set itself to no connection.