New Features

You can now break a License Plate when adding an item that was already on a License Plate into another License Plate.

1) Tap on Warehouse.

2) Tap on + then on License Plate.

3) Create a new License Plate or open an existing License Plate by typing or scanning a License Plate barcode (barcode must start with DSP).

4) Scan an item barcode that is already in another License Plate. 

You get a warning that the item is already in a License Plate, and you are asked if the License Plate should be broken to add this item to the current License Plate:

5) Tap No to keep the original License Plate and leave the item in it. 

Tap Yes to break the original License Plate and remove all its item and add the scanned item in the current License Plate.

Must be On Duty to Pickup or Deliver and Order.

If you are Off Duty or Away while picking up or delivering an order, you will be asked to get On Duty first.

A dialog box will be displayed asking you to go on duty before pickup and delivery can happen.

You will get disconnected when the password is changed in Dispatch Science by an internal user.

If your password is modified by an internal user in Dispatch Science, you will automatically get disconnected and will have to login again to the Driver App.

Ability to scan a document.

Drivers can now scan a document and add it to the order as part of their workflow steps. For more information on how to setup this workflow step, please see Account Profile section below.

The PDF will be saved as Letter (8 1/2x11 inches).

How to scan a document on iPhone:

1) On the Take Picture step, select scan a document if more than one choice is available

2) You can setup the scan options:

Light, Color or Automatic


Tap on Light and select to have it set to Automatic, On or Off, then tap on the light icon again to close the option.


Tap on Color and select to have it in Color, Grayscale, Black & While, or Photo then click on Color icon to close the option.

Automatic vs Manual scan. 

In Manual scan, you will have to select the border of the page you are scanning. In Automatic, it will automatically select the page and you can make changes if needed.

3) Bring the phone to see the paper to scan, a blue rectangle on the paper, if set to Automatic, the picture will be taken automatically, if set to Manual, press the center circle button to take the picture:

4) Once the picture is taken, you can review it by tapping on the picture in the bottom left corner to make adjustments like cropping, color, rotation.

If you want to delete the scanned page, click on the garbage can and if you want to start over, click on Retake.

You can repeat steps 3 and 4 for each page to scan.

5) Once you are done, click on Save. The file will open, you can add notes.

6) Click on Cancel to start over or click on Done when you are done. The PDF will be saved once you report the stop.


How to scan a document on Android:

1) On the Take a Picture step, select to scan a document if more than one choice is available

2) Move the phone accordingly until the blue rectangle is visible along the sides. If you are in Automatic mode, the picture will be taken automatically after the countdown:

In Manual mode, tap on the white circle to take the picture:

3) You can Preview your scan by tapping on Preview:

You will then see the scanned document. If you are in Manual mode, you will see the scan automatically:

If the picture needs to be retaken, tap on Retake, and you will be returned to step 2.

If you need to Edit the picture, tap on Edit and you will be able to move the blue dots on each corner to grab the entire page, then hit Done. You will be returned to the previous screen.

If you wish to delete the scanned page, tap Delete:

Tap Ok in the upper right corner once the scan is to your liking and you will be taken back to step 2.

You will then be able to scan additional pages by following steps 2 and 3.

If you are scanning multiple pages, you can navigate between pages by swiping left and right in the Preview.

5) Once all pages are scanned, tap on Save.

6) The PDF will show, and you will be able to add notes if needed. Then tap on Done.

The PDF file will be saved once the stop is reported.