New Features

Links in note are now clickable

In the stop details, in all the notes displayed, if a link is in the text, the driver can now click on it to open it in their browser.

Scan a Document for Documents and Certifications on Android

Under Settings, documents can be scanned using a new Scan feature for Documents and Certifications.

1) Open Settings.

2) Scroll to a document or certification.

3) Tap to open then tap on the camera and select Scan Documents

4) Position the document in the window and a blue rectangle will appear over the document to indicate how it will be cropped. Tap on the button to take the picture.

5) You can then review the scan and decide if you need to edit the corners or discard the scan. To add another page in the same PDF file, tap on Add Page and repeat the above steps.

Once done, click on Done and the PDF file will be saved and ready to be displayed.

Bug Fixes

Compass in map view in iOS was obstructed by the close icon

Minor technical issues solved