New Features

Last Worflow Step

When the last workflow step is set to optional, driver was previously able to skip but did not know it was the last step. This behavior has changed and now if the last workflow step is optional, the Skip will be changed to show Report.

Scan a Checkpoint

When using an external scanner or a keyboard scanner with the Driver App, driver can now scan a barcode containing the checkpoint Id., rather than have to search for the checkpoint form a list, making the process much faster.

1) Open My Run or Warehouse on the Driver App

2) Tap on the + then Checkpoint if in Warehouse or Checkpoint flag in My Run

3) Scan the Checkpoint barcode with the external scanner or the keyboard scanner.

If the checkpoint is found in the list, the list will close and Checkpoint scan will open.

If the checkpoint is not found in the list, a validation message will be displayed to indicate it has not been found and the driver will be able to manually select a checkpoint in the list.

Settlement Date

In the list of settlements, the year will show as part of the date when it is not the current year.

Scan a Document for Documents and Certifications on the iPhone

Under Settings, documents can be scanned using a new Scan feature for Documents and Certifications.

1) Open Settings.

2) Scroll to a document or certification.

3) Tap to open then tap on the camera and select Scan Documents

4) Position the document in the window

5) A blue rectangle will go over the document to indicate how it will be cropped and the picture will be taken.

6) The picture will be taken automatically and appear in the lower left corner.

7) You can review the scan by tapping on the picture and decide if you need to crop, change coloring, rotate or discard the scan. Once completed you can either retake or tap on Done to keep it.

It is now ready for another page in the same PDF file, just repeat the above steps.

8) Once done, click on Save.

You have the options to use the flash, set the color or set to Manual.

When setting to Manual, you will take the picture and crop as needed.

Bug Fixes

Refresh issue when editing an assigned order address

Complete button was truncated when scanning items