New Features:

A notification will show on the Home tab icon to indicate the number of unaccepted orders.

Stops are now configurable

Stop information displayed in My Run can now be configured in Dispatch Science.

Orders can be displayed below grouped stops if configured in Dispatch Science:

The grouped stop cell on My Run is configurable in Dispatch Science

The list of grouped stops when opening a group is configurable in Dispatch Science

Scanners TC26 and TC77 are now compatible with the Driver App. For more information on how to configure the scanners, please see Setting up the TC26 and TC77 Scanner on the Support site.

Restrict early pickups and deliveries.

If setup, early pickups and deliveries will not be permitted and will show with a countdown to when the stop can be reported:

Bug Fixes:

Automatically reconnect the chat when Internet is back

Chat will reconnect automatically once internet is back when still in a chat channel.

On Duty Time List did not use the entire height

When using the list of times to set on duty, the list was shorter than the height of the phone resulting in more scrolling.