New features included in this release

Report on Order List

Generating invoices manually

Selecting invoice template on account

Sending generated invoices by email


The release notes refer to different sections of the application:

Back Office: Where Customer Service Representatives (CSR) create and edit orders, create accounts, review drivers, etc.

Dispatch Board: Where Dispatchers assign orders to drivers, get notifications for invalid orders, etc.

Auto-Dispatch: This section refers to the automated order assignment setup and its process.

Administration: This section is in the Back Office but refers to sections only an administrator will use like Settings and Pricing.

Customer Portal: Where account users log in to create orders, view their order history, enter a credit card, etc.

Tracking site: Where customers enter a tracking number like the order ID or a reference number to view the status of their order.

Account API: API provided to your accounts to create, update and get orders. For documentation, please follow this link:
Tenant API: API provided to you to create orders for your accounts, retrieve invoices and change invoice status. For documentation, please follow this link:  

Driver App version

Version 1.11.5xx contains the new features for this release. Please see 

Back Office

Search on Order List

The search on order list has been improved, it is now faster and it searches by word so it is important to always start at the beginning of a word. For instance, if you are searching on the order number and your order numbers start with a OR (OR1234). When searching, make sure you enter the OR12... starting with the first letters of the word you are searching. 

You can now search by the following fields:

Order number, reference numbers 1, 2 and 3, pickup and delivery address line 1, Pickup and Delivery City, Pickup and Delivery Zip/Postal code.

Reports on Order List

On the order list, a new Generate Report is now available. This will allow customized order reports, when requested by each customer, to be added to this page. 

Generate a Report

1) In order list, use the filter to filter out the list of orders to use to generate the report then from the Generate Report, select the report that will be created.

2) A new window will open, a message letting you know how many pages are being generated will display and update as report pages are added:

Once all pages are generated, you will be able to view, print, export the report:

Return to page 1

Previous page
Next page

Last page

Print Preview 

Export -select the export file type from the available list.

 Print - you will be able to select the printer and other printing options

 Zoom in

Zoom out

Full page/Page width

 Search within the report


There are now 2 ways to generate invoices in Dispatch Science: Automatic (done daily) and manually using the Generate Invoice feature. 

To generate invoices manually, you will need to associate a billing cycle, other than None and Daily, to the accounts. The following are available: Bi-weekly, Monthly and Weekly.

You will also need to associate an invoice template to the account.

Associate Billing Cycle to Account

1) Open Accounts and click on the Account Name to open its details.

2) In the Account Details, click on the Billing Options section Edit button

3) In the Billing Options, setup the Billing Cycle, the Billing Method, if invoices should be by order, select the taxes to apply to the invoice

a) Billing Options: select from the following choices where Daily will generate invoices automatically at the end of every day or Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly where invoices will be generated manually. 

b) Billing Method: select from the following choices where By Account will be generating invoices which will be sent to customers for payment or Credit Card where customer will assign a credit card to the user and the invoice will be paid, through Stripe, when the invoice is created (automatically at the end of the day or manually).

c) Single Order by Invoice: check this option if every order should be on a separate invoice. Uncheck this option if orders are grouped on one invoice at the end of the billing cycle.

d) Taxes: select the tax to apply to the order total on the invoice.

Set Print or Email Invoice

Account invoices can be set to print or email when they are generated.

1) Open Accounts then click on an account name to open its details

2) In account details, click on the Billing Options Edit

3) Select to Print or to Email the invoice. By default, this is set to print:

Associate Invoice Template to Account

An invoice template can be setup by account to have a different logo, different invoice layout, etc. On deployment, the default invoice template will be setup on all Accounts automatically.

1) Open Accounts then click on an account name to open its details

2) In account details, click on the Billing Options Edit to set the invoice template

3) If you have more than one invoice template, you can select a different invoice and save

Generate Invoices

Invoices will be generated automatically at the end of each day for all accounts set as Daily (automatic). 

Invoices on the accounts set as BI-Weekly, Monthly or Weekly will be generated manually.

1) Open Accounts and select Invoices and click on Generate Invoices

2) Select the Billing Cycle and the End Date and click on Search.

The end date is used to select all orders that were delivered before the date/time selected. Be sure to select a time past now to include the orders that were just delivered.

3) All accounts will automatically be selected. You can unselect all by unchecking the checkbox in the header and only select the accounts to process or unselect accounts that should not be processed if needed by unchecking their checkbox. 

Note: If you make a change in the search criteria, make sure to click on the Search button to update the list.

4) Once the accounts to be processes are selected, review the summary:

5) Check the Automatically send invoice to ensure that the accounts with Email as the delivery will automatically have the invoices emailed upon generation.

Click on Generate Invoices to start the manual generation:

6) You will be returned to the list of invoices with a message that invoices are being generated. The generation will take a few minutes. 

You can leave this screen and come back in a few minutes to see the generated invoices. 

Note: If an account is set to Credit Card billing method, the amount on the invoice will automatically be paid using the credit card setup on the user for the account.

Once an invoice is created, the orders on the invoice will show a Invoiced icon on the Dispatch Board order details and the order will be locked. If the order needs to be modified after it is invoiced, the invoice will need to be cancelled. This will unlock the order. A new invoice can then be generated.