Setup default import order mapping on an account

The default order mapping can be setup on an account from the account details without the need of additional coding from the Dispatch Science development team. The .CSV template is attached to this article, see bottom of article.

Open Accounts and in list of Accounts, click on an Account Name to open its details.

In Account Details, click on Create Standard Mapping link

You will receive a message, click on OK to create the standard mapping or on Cancel to abort.

Once the mapping has been associated to the account, you will see the confirmation message at the top and the mapping associated to the account.

Enter Orders in Import File

Download the import file. It is very important to keep the column header name as is, they should not be renamed.

Reference Fields

The following columns should always be filled in:

Dropoff Contact Name, Address Line 1, City, Province and Postal Code.

Pickup Contact Name, Address Line 1, City, Province and Postal Code.

Service Level

Ready At

The first 3 columns will be used to import values in the Reference fields:

Reference Number = Reference 1

Invoice Number = Reference 2

PO Number = Reference 3

Service Level

The service level should be entered as the ID. You can find this information under Pricing, Service Levels. Open a service level schedule to see the list of Service level IDs.

Number Of Pieces

If left blank or 0 is entered, it will default to 1.


If weight is omitted, it will default to 0.

Ready At and Delivery window

There are 2 different ways to send the Pickup and Delivery time:

Using Ready At and Service Level:

Delete columns Del Date, Del no earlier than, Del no later than (columns D, E, F).

Enter a Ready At date-time and a service level. These will be used to automatically calculate the order drop off window.

Using the a Delivery window

Enter the date of delivery in the Del Date column.

Enter a time in the Del no earlier than to indicate when the delivery can start

Enter a time in the Del no later than to indicate when the delivery should be completed. The time should be equal to or later than the Del no earlier than.

Enter a Ready At that is  NOT EARLIER THAN the Del date and Del no earlier than time

Enter a service level.
Note: The service level will be used to calculate pricing. The delivery window will be used as entered.

Vehicle Type Id

Vehicle Type Id refers to the ID on the vehicle. You can find this information under Pricing in the Vehicles:

Import orders for an account

Click on Orders and then click on Import. 

Select the mapping from Select Mapping. The standard mapping for an account shows as the Account Name and in parenthesis, the name of the mapping; Standard Mapping.

Select the user who should be associated as the user who created the order. The drop down field will show all users created for the account.

If the user changes depending on the order, you can enter the user in the >CSV file in the Import User Name (note this will be the email address used for the Account user in Dispatch Science) and make sure to check the Use Users From File checkbox.

Click on Choose File, navigate to the file you wish to import and select it. 

Once the file is displayed, click on Import.

Let the import work.

You will get a message with the number of successfully imported orders. 

If there is an issue with the file, an error message will be displayed.

Do not refresh the page as this will reimport the orders.