The Dispatch Science Batch Tool can be used to mass update the status on orders as well as to download and/or print invoices. 


This tool can be installed on a PC running a recent version of Microsoft Windows.


1) To install version 3, you must uninstall first your old version. 

Once the old version is uninstalled, you can open the following link in a browser:

2) If Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 is not installed, please click on Install button to install it. 

If it is already installed, simply click on the launch link within the text: 

3) The application will be downloaded to the default Download folder associated to the browser.

4) Open the download folder or click on the downloaded file:

The following window will be displayed:

Note: Allow the file to be installed on your computer.

For example, if using Windows Defender SmartScreen, click on More info link then click on Run anyway button:

5) The application will be launched:

Input your Platform URL, Admin user ID and password and click Login to launch the Order Status Mass Update Tool: