This release includes several new features and bug fixes.


The release notes refer to different sections of the application:

Back Office: Where Customer Service Representatives (CSR) create and edit orders, create accounts, review drivers, etc.

Dispatch Board: Where Dispatchers assign orders to drivers, get notifications for invalid orders, etc.

Auto-Dispatch: This section refers to the automated order assignment setup and its process.

Administration: This section is in the Back Office but refers to sections only an administrator will use like Settings and Pricing.

Customer Portal: Where account users log in to create orders, view their order history, enter a credit card, etc.

Tracking site: Where customers enter a tracking number like the order ID or a reference number to view the status of their order.

Account API: API provided to your accounts to create, update and get orders. For documentation, please follow this link:
Tenant API: API provided to you to create orders for your accounts, retrieve invoices and change invoice status. For documentation, please follow this link:

Back Office

Address 2 still showing when entering an address associated to a contact

When a new contact was entered and an address was entered in address line 1, the Address Line 2 would fill in automatically. This has been corrected in this release. 

If a contact, an email or a phone number is entered and does not match a saved contact and user enters an address line 1 matching one from an existing contact, address line 2 will not be filled in and user will be able to enter the address line 2.

Service level schedule not showing in alphabetical when selecting on a price list

The service level schedules are now showing in alphabetical orders when creating a price list.

On Dispatch Board Dispatch Notes are Not Displayed

The dispatcher note added on the Driver details are now displayed and can be updated from the Dispatch Board Driver Details.

In Create Order, showing Company Prefix instead of Short Name when selecting a User

The short company name is now displayed when selecting a user when creating an order.

Administrators, CSRs, Dispatchers should not be able to login on the Driver App

Only drivers and warehouse users are now able to login to the Driver App.

On Edit order, modifying the pickup or delivery address did not change the zone when price was not updated

The pickup and delivery zone, if zone pricing is used, is updated when modifying the pickup and/or delivery address when price remains the same. If price is not the same, CSR/Admin/Dispatcher are asked if price should be modified. If answer is yes, zones will be updated, if answer is no, zones will remain as is to provide the pricing zones used for the delivery calculation.