Driver's Run Order Grouping Requires that orders have the same/compatible:

1) Order Profile grouping settings

2) Appropriately set for "Allow to group orders form different accounts

3) Reference field(s) with same "UPDATABLE BY THE DRIVER" setting

4) Selected Workflow steps

5) COD settings

6) Require Identity settings

7) Pickup windows for pickups must overlap, windows for deliveries must overlap



To identify the grouping key for drivers, you'll need to access our management API. Here's how to do it:

1.Go to

2.Click on "Authorize" and input the driver's ID, which is usually found at the end of the driver's account URL (e.g., c4924b5973ea-4471-a20a-d25de259bca9).

3.Once authorized, navigate to "StopsGrouping" and locate the driver you're investigating.


4.Fill in the info and click Execute. It should look like the image above. 

Here are the details for the first two stops. The first stop is listed as 135 S Plum St, followed by the second stop, also at 135 S Plum St.


If you look closely at the groupKey, you can see that it's different.



The last part of the key is the difference, meaning that they can't be grouped because they have a different workflow.

SO, the grouping feature works with the GroupKey

The Group Key is composed of the following:

  • StopKind
  •  OrderId (if it cannot be grouped, meaning: it's not optimized, it's on hold, explicit NoGrouping, RequireIdentityValidation, HasCOPOrCOD, one ReferenceField is required for stop kind)
    or if DriverStopsShouldIgnoreStatusWhenGroupingFeature is disabled, the "OrderStatus_"
    or if AllowDifferentAccounts, then "hasPackageValidation_SkipGroupedOrdersWithNoItemsScanned_AllowPartialOrdersToBePickedUpOrDelivered_AllowAddingItemsOnPickupOrDelivery_AllowValidationWithoutBarcode"
      or "AccountId_"
  •  if AddressLine1 or AddressLine2, "AddressLine1_"
  •  if AddressLine2, "AddressLine2_"
  •  if Geolocation, "Lat4_Lng4_"
  •  WorkflowHash