Order Status

1) Active:  orders due today as well as orders due before today that are not yet delivered or cancelled.

2) Received: orders received but not yet dispatched.

3) Dispatched: orders dispatched but not yet accepted by a driver

4) Assigned: orders accepted by a driver

5) Picked up: orders started by a driver

6) Delivered: orders completed by a driver today

7) Late: orders that are late in being completed

8) Held: orders put on hold by the dispatcher or a driver

9) Invalid: invalid orders either because of a problem with the address, the date, the service level, or other.

10) Future: orders due tomorrow or later

11) Cancelled: orders that were cancelled today

Route Status

 PLANNING : Routes that have not yet started and are still ahead of cutoff time

WAITING FOR DISPATCH : Routes that are past cutoff time, but have not yet been dispatched

DISPATCHED : Routes that have been dispatched but are still ahead of cutoff time

DISPATCHED/WAITING : Routes that have been dispatched, are past cutoff time but for which the driver has not yet started his work

IN PROGRESS: Routes that are in the process of being completed where at least one order is picked up

CLOSED : Routes that were manually closed