The release notes refer to different sections of the application:

Back Office: Where Customer Service Representatives (CSR) create and edit orders, create accounts, review drivers, etc.

Dispatch Board: Where Dispatchers assign orders to drivers, get notifications for invalid orders, etc.

Auto-Dispatch: This section refers to the automated order assignment setup and its process.

Administration: This section is in the Back Office but refers to parts only an administrator will use like Settings and Pricing.

Customer Portal: Where account users login to create orders, view their order history, enter a credit card, etc.

Tracking site: Where customers enter a tracking number like the order ID or a reference number to view the status of their order.

Account API: API provided to your accounts to create, update, and get orders. For documentation, please follow this link:
Tenant API: API provided to you to create orders for your accounts, retrieve invoices, and change invoice status. For documentation, please follow this link:

Back Office

Extra fees bug. When duplicating an extra fee, it was not possible to remove it if pick-up time was changed

  1. It is now possible to add, edit and remove extra fees

Account notes associated with a client and containing lots of text did not display correctly.

  1. Account notes now display correctly.

In Profiles > Profile Type > Pickup > New task the Take Picture option was missing.

  1. Take Picture is now an available pickup workflow option. See the Pickup Workflow User Guide for details.

Dispatch Board

If two types of dispatchers worked on the same computer and one was set not to see pricing, pricing would still be visible after the dispatcher who did have rights to recognize pricing logged off

  1. All prices are set at $0 for dispatchers who don't have access rights to pricing, even if they work on the same computer as dispatchers who do.


When processing a batch of multiple client payments, if another admin also manually entered an amount, a double payment could occur.

  1. This issue is resolved.